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The plumbers at West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration know what to look for when Tacoma property owners call about drainage backups in their home or workplace. Our many years of training and experience allows our plumbers in Tacoma to offer professional services that leave our clients feeling well taken care of. We realize that water line and sewer main line damage or blockage is inherently stressful, so by gearing our service toward creating a positive experience for our customers, we set ourselves apart from the competition.

Calling West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration means you get to speak with a friendly representative who is knowledgeable about our sewer cleaning services and local to the area. Your service request will be handled promptly, professionally, and with a sense of urgency. Especially if the issue is related to critical main lines that connect your residence to municipal sewer and water treatment systems.

Our job is important. And so are your plumbing needs. So, we work tirelessly to ensure that your plumbing systems function properly – one residence at a time. Call today for a reliable Tacoma sewer cleaning service.

How Do Plumbers Clean Sewer Lines?

In some ways, sewer main line cleaning is like drain cleaning. However, the work takes place outdoors between the foundation and where the line meets the city sewer system. So, even if the drain blockage is causing issues indoors, if the problem can’t be solved by snaking or plunging, then the blockage is most certainly located farther down the line.

Our Tacoma sewer cleaning expert will start by locating the “clean out” – a pipe with a cap providing access to the main line with the specific purpose of allowing plumbers to inspect and clear out blockages without digging a hole and cutting pipes.

There are some common areas where the cleanout pipe is located. Typically they are outside, but for snowy areas, the cleanout pipes can even be located in the basement. So, if you know where yours is off-hand, it saves time to let us know when we arrive.

Your plumber will then continue by inspecting the line with a sewer line camera. This allows them to get a visual of the level of blockage within the pipe. It also tells them if the blockage is a result of tree roots, a broken pipe, rotted pipe, or damaged joints.

Our precise camera inspections also give us measurements and a more thorough understanding of your sewer line’s condition. If we identify a blockage or general buildup, we will determine whether hydro jetting can clean it out well enough so to avoid a repair. Hydro jet technology is highly effective, more affordable than repairs or replacements of piping, and will not damage your sewer line.

Why Have Main Sewer Lines Cleaned?

Many property owners have their sewer lines cleaned as a preventative measure, whereas others require this service after noticing pooling water in the yard, basement area, crawl space, or hardscaping. Blocked lines can also cause toilet, sink drain, or shower drain backups.

What If the Sewer Pipe Needs Repair?

Sewer cleaning is not a practical solution for pipes that have been damaged by plant or tree roots. In this case, the main line needs to be accessed via trench digging or excavation. The affected pipe is then cut and replaced with a new one. Our Tacoma sewer cleaning team will discuss the best course of action with you regarding the scale, complexity, and amount of new material needed to solve the issue for good. And we will always offer a fair and accurate price estimate before performing any repairs. Be sure to see us for all your drain cleaning, water filtration, water-line issues, well pumps, and all your plumbing needs.

Home and business owners trust West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration for the best sewer cleaning services in town. Call a plumber in Tacoma from our team today.

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