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If you are experiencing multiple clogged drains or frequent sewage backup, it’s likely that your main sewer line has a problem. Fortunately, West Coast Plumbing offers thorough, professional sewer cleaning. The plumber we send to your home or commercial building will start by inspecting the area and using the sewer cleanout to access the line. We are also equipped with sewer line cameras specifically designed to record footage from inside the pipes, helping us gain valuable insight into what’s going on with your sewer line to help prevent future emergencies.

Do you suspect sewer line issues? Call an Olympia plumber from West Coast Plumbing at (360) 979-1491 to request efficient sewer services.

Why Would a Sewer Line Need Cleaning?

Unlike drain cleaning, sewer cleaning deals with pipes that carry wastewater away from the property, connecting it to city sewer lines. This means that any project will involve plumbers working in the area outside of the house, even though the clog might make itself apparent inside the home.

Homeowners are typically made aware of deep sewer line problems when toilets, sinks, or shower drains back up. Sewage water can also back up into the basement, crawl space, or hardscaping. However, this doesn’t always mean the clog is caused by something that was put down the drain.

In most cases, a tree root has grown into the sewer pipe and is preventing water from continuing on its way to the wastewater treatment center. This can be indicated by backed-up drains or bubbling water in the yard. In other cases, the blockage is due to sections of rotting pipe or general buildup.

Advanced Hydro Jetting for a Thorough Cleaning

Our Olympia plumbing team has the right training and equipment to inspect, diagnose, and offer an accurate assessment of the damage in your sewer line. Cleaning the line can require anything from clearing the blockage with hydro jetting to repairing the section of the damaged pipe.

Below are the benefits of hydro jetting:

  • Removes buildup from walls of drains and plumbing lines
  • Cleans more thoroughly than drain snaking
  • Effective cleaning without the use of corrosive chemicals
  • High-pressure water is powerful against grime but gentle on pipes
  • Dislodges clogs farther down the line

Hydro jetting is also a more affordable option for our clients, especially when repair is unnecessary, so we will always offer this service when practical. However, we care about keeping your plumbing system in good working order, so high-pressure cleaning is not always the best choice. Rest assured that we’ll discuss feasible next steps with you before moving forward.

Regardless of the cause of the problem, your plumber in Olympia will offer an honest assessment and cost estimate for you upfront. We understand how frustrating faulty sewer pipes can be for property owners, so we do our best to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Do You Need Sewer Repair in Olympia?

When roots grow into sewer lines, it’s usually necessary to remove the affected section of pipe and perform the repair. We do not remove the tree, however. We simply trim the roots back underground so they are no longer a threat to the line. If we find rotting pipes, we may recommend replacement.

Replacement requires trench digging or excavating and is priced depending on the scale, the complexity of the project, type and amount of new piping required, and a variety of other factors.

No matter the size or scope or your issue, we’ll work with you to come up with the most reasonable and cost-effective solution.

To schedule an appointment for sewer cleaning in Olympia and surrounding areas, contact us today at (360) 979-1491!

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