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Sewer Line Repair in Olympia

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No one performs sewer repair in Olympia like the plumbers at West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration. Sewer repairs can be intimidating and scary. As the largest drain in a home or commercial property, the main sewer line is fed by every other connecting line on your property.

This leads to the city-owned sewer line or private septic tank. There are a number of reasons your line can become compromised and require sewer line repair from experts.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

Several factors can contribute to sewer line damage. Understanding these causes can help homeowners take preventive measures and address issues promptly.

Here are 10 common reasons for sewer line damage:

  1. Tree Roots: Tree roots are a significant cause of sewer line damage. As trees grow, their roots may infiltrate pipes in search of water and nutrients. The roots can penetrate the pipes, causing blockages and even structural damage.

  2. Aging Pipes: Sewer pipes have a lifespan, and over time, they can deteriorate and corrode. Older homes with original plumbing may have pipes made of materials like clay, cast iron, or Orangeburg (a type of bituminized fiber pipe) that are more susceptible to wear and decay.

  3. Ground Shifting: Changes in the soil, such as settling or shifting, can put stress on sewer lines, leading to misalignments, cracks, or fractures. This is especially common in areas with expansive clay soils.

  4. Grease and Foreign Objects: The improper disposal of grease, fats, and non-biodegradable materials down drains can lead to the accumulation of debris in the sewer line, causing clogs and restricting the flow of wastewater.

  5. Flushing Inappropriate Items: Flushing items like sanitary napkins, wipes, paper towels, and other non-biodegradable materials down toilets can contribute to blockages and damage in the sewer line.

  6. Heavy Traffic or Construction: Sewer lines can be damaged by heavy vehicles or construction activities that put pressure on the ground above them. This can lead to the shifting or crushing of pipes.

  7. Weather Conditions: Extreme weather events, such as freezing temperatures or ground saturation due to heavy rainfall, can affect the stability of the soil and contribute to sewer line issues.

  8. Corrosive Soil: Some types of soil, especially those with high acidity or corrosive properties, can accelerate the corrosion of sewer pipes, leading to deterioration and damage.

  9. Poor Installation: Improper installation of sewer lines, inadequate slope, or the use of substandard materials during the initial construction can result in premature deterioration and damage.

  10. Chemical Damage: Harsh chemicals used for cleaning drains or pipes can corrode the pipe material over time, contributing to sewer line damage.

  11. Earthquakes: In regions prone to seismic activity, earthquakes can cause ground movement and damage to sewer lines, leading to leaks or breaks.

Regular inspections, proper maintenance, and prompt attention to warning signs can help mitigate the risk of sewer line damage. If you suspect an issue with your sewer line, it's advisable to consult with a professional plumber for a thorough assessment and appropriate repairs.

Sewer Symptoms that Require Repair

An obstructed or damaged line often present symptoms. If you encounter any symptoms, contact us to have your lines thoroughly inspected.

Make sure to look out for:

  • Backed-up or slow-running drains
  • Structural damage or crack along foundations, floors, and walls
  • Gurgling noises emanating from your drains
  • The smell of sewage outside, inside, or around your home
  • Water stains surrounding your basement floor drain
  • Visible raw sewage on the ground
  • Inconsistent toilet bowl water levels
  • Soggy areas or sinkholes on your property
  • Frequent basement drain or tub back-ups
  • Signs of rats in your yard

A plumber in Olympia from our team can diagnose your system to determine what kind of sewer repairs may be necessary. Utilizing specialized tools, we can immediately get a look at your system. The sooner we can diagnose and perform sewer repairs, the better. Leaving problems that require sewer repair to sort themselves out can cause more costly repairs and further damages beyond your line. When you wait too long, you may even encounter a backup.

Sewer backups not only require immediate action, but they can also be hazardous to your health if left untreated for long. There are a number of precautions you will want to take when a backup occurs including immediately turning off all power to prevent electrical hazards or calling us so we can arrive as soon as possible.

Our Sewer Repair Process

West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration follows a tried and tested method to repair or replace sewer lines.

The steps include:

  • Locate septic systems and drain pipe
  • Recorded video inspections
  • Installation and repair
  • Upgrading your system
  • Electrical controls & VFD pump systems
  • Electrical panels and pump stations
  • Cleaning with power jetting
  • Leak location
  • Baldor smart motor programming
  • Bermad control valves
  • Long-term maintenance and operations
  • Grinder and effluent pump sewer lift stations

Keeping You & Your Family Safe

We specialize in sewer repair that Olympia residents rely on, but you still want to take precautions before and after we arrive.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid open skin contact with sewage or contaminated items.
  • Protect and immediately wash any cuts or scrapes that may have had sewage contact.
  • Keep all pets and children away from the area as they can be especially prone to infection from bacteria commonly found in sewage backup.

Always contact your home insurance provider as well, they can aid in assessment, and a sewage cleaning specialist will be able to better inform you of what documentation needs to occur during the repair phase of your home after West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration has performed appropriate sewer repairs.

Contact us at (360) 979-1491 to schedule an appointment for sewer repair in Olympia and surrounding areas. We provide estimates to all customers.

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