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Whether it’s your main water line or any water line in your home, the plumbers at West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration has years of experience in troubleshooting, diagnosing and quickly repairing every kind of water lines in Bonney Lake, Washington. Your main water line is the primary link between your home and the public water supply. Your internal water lines are also important, as they keep the water moving through your house (and not into your house). If either one begins to leak or requires drain-cleaning repairing them is only possible with an experienced plumbing technician.

Old pipes are prone to leak. If you believe you have you a leak contact us for a water line repair in Bonney Lake, WA.

Looking Out For Water Line Leaks

For leaks to one of the many water lines in your homes, the first sign will usually be noticeable water somewhere where it shouldn’t be. Ideally, the leak is isolated under a water fixture where it’s easy to fix. In some cases, however, the leaks may go unnoticed and result in soggy flooring, wet drywall, or mold.

Main line water leaks present a different problem. Unlike more minor leaks inside your walls, your main line lies outside, underneath the soil and entirely out of sight. Which makes any leak or clog a bigger problem to deal with. Where a leaky pipe inside might immediately yield something easy to manage, hidden leaks to your main water line could likely go unnoticed until they turn into a larger problem.

Monitoring Your Water Usage

Homeowners who aren’t on automatic billing have a leg-up here. If you’re on autopay, as most people are, it might be a good idea to check your usage if you haven’t in a while. While a larger draw could mean something as simple as an increase in shower time, a big jump could mean you have a leak that’s become something increasingly unmanageable. Before jumping to conclusions, start by ruling out smaller leaks in the home that are easier to fix. For any kind of leak, however, your best bet is to call up a qualified Bonney Lake water line repair expert and obtain a guaranteed assessment of your home’s plumbing.

What Does Low Water Pressure Mean?

If it seems like your shower isn’t quite as forceful as you want it, or your sink is barely getting your hands clean, you’ve got reason to believe a leak has compromised your water pressure, at least to one of the specific water fixtures. If it seems like your water pressure has dropped throughout the house, it could be because water is escaping through a main water line leak.

Old Pipes Are Prone to Leaks

Over time and with any degree of use, every pipe deteriorates and experiences solely because of wear and tear. Eventually, all plumbing will eventually require professional intervention, including repiping. So if the plumbing in your Bonney Lake home is all-original, the likelihood of a leak occurring is increased significantly.

Digging on Your Property Can Affect the Main Water Line

This one applies to the main water line. It’s more common than you’d think: Following excavation on the property, main water lines are accidentally punctured and require repair. Because the trench is usually present, the leak is typically noticed right away, but sometimes there is a delay. So if the other signs of a leak follow recent construction on or near your property, it’s possible that the main water line may have been damaged.

Also be sure to see us for Well Pumps, water filtration or any other plumbing problems you may have.

If you’re experiencing one or more of the giveaways of a leak, give our Bonney Lake water line repair teama call to West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration to figure out where your system is losing water.

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