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Water Filtration in Bonney Lake

Do You Need To Filter Your Tap Water?

When it comes to filtering tap water, most people are concerned with either hard water, chlorine, or bacteria. If you’re in Bonney Lake, the chances are that the presence of any of these won’t be large enough to cause problems, but for some folks and certain homes, any amount is too much. West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration, LLC has been installing water filtration systems for years. Our plumbers stay current on all of the most effective, modern home water filters and know how to identify which type will be best for you.

Does your tap water not taste right? Contact us for all you Bonney Lake water filtration needs.

How To Tell If You Have Hard Water

By most definitions, hard water is water that reads high in magnesium and calcium content. Most of the time, people only realize they have hard water after buildup occurs in their plumbing – including build up in water filters! Curious if your water might be on the hard side?

Three Ways to Check for Hard Water:

  • The Soap Test -The easiest way to test for hardness in water is the soap test. Using a clear bottle of at least 12 ounces, fill up the bottle with tap water. Next, add 10 drops of soap to the water and shake. De-cap the bottle and look for bubbles. If your water is as bubbly as you’d expect, your water is probably soft. If it’s not, it might be on the harder side.
  • Look At Your Dishes - This might be what tips you off, but if you haven’t already – look at your dishes. If there’s a “chalky” layer after they’ve been through the dishwasher, or even after being rinsed under the faucet, there is at least some mineralization happening in your water. The question is, how much?
  • Professional Evaluation - For precise results, call up a Bonney Lake plumber to get your water quality tested. Ultimately, this is the best way to determine exactly what kind of impurities can be found in your water, and to what extent. After you’ve determined the baseline quality of your water, you can form a real action plan to deal with it for good.

Water Filters – What Are They Good For?

In some cases, absolutely everything. Here’s why water filtration is always worth looking into.

Benefits of Water Filtration Systems:

  • Prevention of Mineral Build-Up In Plumbing - Certain water filters are designed specifically to grab the minerals that wreak havoc on plumbing systems before they get a chance to do any damage. For Bonney Lake homes with plumbing at risk of becoming clogged by mineral deposits, these types of systems make sense.
  • Improved Taste - Taste is subjective, including the taste of your water. Some people might even like the taste of the mineralized water. It’s a trade-off. We find though, that most people just want their water to taste like water. So if you’re noticing something off in the taste of your tap water, a filter that removes impurities may help.
  • Better Bathing - For the same reasons somebody may want to control the water they drink, they may want to control the water the bathe in. The type of water you bathe in could be affecting your skin’s health. Ever try moisturizing with water consisting of bone-dry calcium? It’s a losing battle.

Also be sure to see us for well pumps, water filtration, water line repairs or any other plumbing problems you may have.

For a fast examination of your water quality and expert, full-home water filtration in the Bonney Lake area, give a call to West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration, LLC to get started.

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