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Water Filtration

Lacey Water Filtration Services

Permanent Water Filtration for Your Drinking Water

When you want clean, safe, and healthy drinking water for your home in Lacey, choose West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration. Our plumbers have been installing water filtration in Lacey and the surrounding area for decades.

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Why Invest in a Water Filtration System?

With the dangers of lead, arsenic, and other chemicals from old city plumbing increasing every day, you want to keep your family safe. That’s our goal, too. Water doesn’t just carry contaminants that are bad for your health, though. The minerals in hard water can damage your skin, hair, and build up in pipes, shower heads, faucets, and other areas. This can slow water flow and even clog them!

What Are the Benefits of Filtering Your Water in Lacey?

  • Filtering water makes it smell better, taste better, and look clearer.
  • Our filtration systems remove the minerals that make water hard.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and other conditions related to the ingestion of chlorine in drinking water.
  • Stop worrying about lead. Our Lacey water filtration systems remove this especially harmful chemical.
  • Get rid of bacteria and other toxins that can cause illness.
  • Save money. Bottled water is expensive. Filtered water is cheaper and you know what’s being filtered out.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

We offer two types of ways to filter your water, including:

At the source water filtration: This filters the water as it comes into your home. That means drinking, bathing, and cleaning water is all filtered immediately.

At the tap water filtration: We can install filtration devices in your kitchen and bathroom faucets that filter drinking water at the tap.

What Else Can Water Filtration Do For You?

For all your home water filtration needs in Lacey, choose West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration. With the industries best products, leading area technicians, and customer service you can depend on—we do it all. Also be sure to see us for clogged drains, sewer line repair or any other plumbing problems you may have.

Reasons to Consider Investing in a Water Filtration System:

  • Save money on your electric bill and preserve your appliances. The minerals in water reduce the effectiveness of your washing machine and dishwasher. They can also cause clogs and damage internally. This reduction in effectiveness builds up over time and can cost you as much as 25% of your devices efficiency rating.
  • Get whole home filtration with the extras you want. We carry a wide range of water filtration systems that also include softeners built in. These water softeners can provide you with water free of damaging minerals making your water safe for skin, hair, and drinking.

Contact our plumbing team to outfit your home or business with a Lacey water filtration system for cleaner, healthier, better tasting water today.

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