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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning in Lacey

Have a Plumber Take Care of Your Drain Clog

For the quickest drain cleaning in Lacey, no plumber does it better than West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration. Drains are easy to miss. You don’t think about what you don’t see, and issues can be slow to build. Fat, hair, skin cells, and grime build up and stick together. These are responsible for clogging your drains. It’s so easy to forget the inconvenience of a clogged drain over time. Over the counter solutions are damaging to your plumbing, smell, and can even cause chemical burns. Stop struggling with a clogged drain. Let our plumbing professionals remove your clog once and for all.

Do you have slow or clogged drains in your home? Call West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration for an estimate today for drain cleaning in Lacey, WA.

Comprehensive Drain Clearing Solutions

West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration provides complete drain cleaning in Lacey and the surrounding areas. We hire for skill, experience, and attitude in our plumbers. With our affordable pricing and estimates, our services just make sense! Our work is even guaranteed. If a West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration drain cleaning doesn’t do the trick, we fix it.

Our Lacey Drain Cleaning Services Include:

  • Bath Drain Cleaning – Whether you use a tub, shower, or have a combination unit, it’s very common for draining to slow or even stop. We don’t just remove the clog at the surface level. We deep clean your plumbing in order to remove soap and hair buildup. Repairs are occasionally necessary, but we use every tool in our arsenal to clean your plumbing pipes before taking the next step.
  • Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning – Sinks are like small black holes. They seem to suck up anything within proximity. If you’ve dropped items in the sink or it’s become clogged by toothpaste and hair, we will unclog it for you. Our plumbers can also clear out deeper clogs or clogged gas traps.
  • Toilet Drain Cleaning – Toilet clogs happen more frequently in households with small children. Whether your toilet mysteriously won’t flush and you can’t locate some of your child’s toys, or you believe its due to another issue entirely, we’ll solve it. Our Lacey plumbers are skilled at diagnosing and repairing broken and clogged toilets.
  • Floor Drain Cleaning – Older bathrooms and basements often have floor drains. These need to be cleaned regularly or else they can quickly clog. A trap malfunction can be even worse, letting sewer gases into the home. Our plumbing experts identify and repair these and more floor drain issues in home and commercial settings.
  • Kitchen Drain Cleaning – Cleaning products and food waste can quickly clog a drain. Not only that, they act as a prime breeding ground for drain flies. We eliminate the areas they like to nest in. That leaves your drain functioning properly. draining well, and free of drain flies.

Effectively Resolving Your Drain-Related Issues

To ensure your drains can return to normal, we can implement a number of services and solutions.

Steps We Take to Effectively Remove Clogs:

  • Locate septic systems and drain pipe
  • Video inspections with recordings
  • Installation and repairs
  • System upgrades
  • New electrical panels & Pump stations
  • Electrical controls and VFD pumps systems
  • Power Jetting
  • Leak Locating
  • Bermad control valves
  • Programming Baldor smart motors
  • Long-term operations and maintenance
  • Sewer lift stations both effluent and grinder pumps

Also be sure to see us for water filtration, sewer line repair or any other plumbing problems you may have.

If your drains are in need of a cleaning, give our Lacey plumbing team a call today to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose West Coast?

  • Professional, Personalized Solutions
  • Financing & Specials Available
  • Green Environmentally Friendly Work
  • Specialized Services for Any Plumbing Need
  • Friendly Technicians Focused on Relationships, Not Overselling
  • Licensed & Insured with Decades of Experience

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