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What is Hard Water and How Can a Filtration System Help?

As a homeowner, you probably don’t think too much about your water supply because the water is always available to you. However, many homes don’t have the cleanest or healthiest water supply due to the minerals that the water contains. Water that has a high concentration of minerals is called hard water, which could be the reason why your skin feels dry or there’s spots on your dishes.

In this blog, you’ll be learning about hard water and how West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration’s water filtration services can help you. If you think you’re suffering from hard water in your home, keep on reading!

What is Hard Water?

Like we briefly mentioned above, hard water is water that contains a high concentration of minerals, like calcium and magnesium. The minerals in hard water are why you might see white, chalky looking stains on your fixtures, spots on your dishes, or have irritated skin. While hard water is still safe to drink, clean, and cook with, it can still be frustrating for you to see stains on your fixtures right after cleaning day or feel like your hair is dry after you just put a deep conditioner in it.

How Can You Treat Hard Water?

If you think you’re stuck with hard water in your home, think again! West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration offers a variety of water filtration systems that will provide you with the cleanest water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing with. Some common types of water filtration systems in many homes include:

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Activated carbon
  • Ion exchange

Our team will help you find the perfect water filtration system that will meet your home’s specific needs.

Benefits of a Water Filtration System

Now that you understand the general meaning of hard water, we’ll be sharing some of the common benefits of installing a water filtration system in your home.

Reduces Mineral Deposits on Fixtures and Dishes

Have you ever noticed white stains on your fixtures, specifically your faucets, after you cleaned them the day prior? Even worse, have you ever seen spots on your dishes right after you run the dishwasher? This is due to hard water. Water filtration systems will soften your water, reducing the minerals that cause the spots of scale.

Better Tasting Water

There’s nothing worse than filling up a glass with tap water and drinking it only to find that it tastes like metal or chlorine. Water is one of the best things to consume as humans, and we definitely need it daily. So why not make sure you’re drinking the cleanest water possible? Water filtration systems will leave you with pure, crisp drinking water at all times.

No More Dry Skin and Hair

Not only does hard water leave spots on your fixtures and dishes, but it can also irritate your hair and skin. If you’re someone who suffers from dry skin and hair regularly, hard water is only negatively adding to this problem. No matter how many hair masks or containers of moisturizer you use, hard water will still make your skin and hair feel dry and dull. Adding a water filtration system to your home will make the biggest difference and you’ll no longer be left with brittle hair or cracked skin.

The benefits of water filtration systems are truly endless, and West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration wants to help you have the cleanest and safest water possible for your household. If you’re finally ready to take the next step and install a water filtration system in your home, we’re only one call away at (360) 979-1491. You can also fill out our online contact form to schedule your service.