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If you are looking for professional-level work on your well pumps, look no further than West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration. If you’ve got a well pump, you know that keeping it going is incredibly important. Not only do you rely on it to keep water flowing in and out of your home, but it’s your access to your only source of water. So when something goes wrong, that’s game over – until it gets fixed. Our plumbers have been performing well pump repairs for Puyallup and the surrounding area for decades.

Trust the expert team at West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration for all your well pump repair and replacement needs in Puyallup, WA.

When to Repair a Well Pump

Our highly trained Puyallup well pump repair team is versed at pinpointing and repairing any problems related to your well pump. While the only fix may sometimes only be a replacement of your well pump, there are a number of well pump problems most homeowners encounter.

Common Problems with Well Pumps

  • Well pumps stopped running properly.
  • Low water pressure production
  • Short-cycling
  • Problems To The Pressure Control Switch
  • Water Pulsation

Because well pumps are surprisingly complex machines, these are just some of the problems that can happen. Mechanical components working in unison with precise electrical configuration work together to perform the actual pumping, which means that(while there are some common problems) there’s a long list of things that can compromise your pump.

Quality Well Pump Servicing

Every member of our plumbing team is standing by, ready to bring you with a complete diagnostic rundown of your system in order to determine the problems, along the action plan towards getting your system working the way it was meant to. On top of our most common well pump services, we are also happy to perform regular check-ups and maintenance to keep your well pump running in top condition for as long as possible.

Professional Well Pump Installations & Replacements

Installation of new or upgraded well pumps makes up a good portion of our pump-related services. Before installation of your well pump, there are a number of very important factors that need to be considered. For any installation, our Puyallup well pump replacement team has the experience and skills necessary to determine the total well depth, necessary pump type, and what your true water usage needs are.

How to Choose a Well Pump?

When it comes to well pumps, there are two things that really matter: individual performance specifications (the rate of water it can pump) and the size. Both are incredibly important, as the wrong pump for a well can lead to higher energy costs couple with a measurable performance reduction. Different pumps also come with different mechanisms and fail-safes to ensure a steady supply of water when you need it.

What is Included In Our Well Pump Services?

Since the beginning, we’ve grown to the point where we have a loyal customer base that knows no matter what problems they face with their well pump, our plumbers are always on the ground for when something goes wrong. Our Puyallup plumbers don’t shy away from any well pump-related issues.

How We Service Well Pumps:

  • Controller Systems & Electrical Configurations
  • Increase Water Supply
  • New Sand/Sediment Filters
  • Irrigation-Designated Pumps
  • Mono Drive Repairs and Upgrades
  • Holding Tank Repairs and Upgrades
  • Booster Pumps Servicing
  • Variable Frequency Drive Systems
  • Constant & Continuous Pressure
  • On-site and certified water testing

Whether you’re looking to repair your current well pump, or put in a new or upgraded well pump, our expert plumbers have the skills and expertise do the job right. Additionally, we’re also available for a variety of services, including anything all things plumbing, water filtration services, and drain cleaning.

No matter where your well, what type of pump, or what your needs may be, call on the Puyallup well pump team at West Coast Plumbing, Pumps and Filtration LLC for help.

Why Choose West Coast?

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  • Specialized Services for Any Plumbing Need
  • Friendly Technicians Focused on Relationships, Not Overselling
  • Licensed & Insured with Decades of Experience

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