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Drain Cleaning

Complete Drain Cleaning in Graham

Got a Clogged Drain? We Can Help

Where there are lots of ways to prevent blockages from happening in your pipes, eventually our plumbing gets overwhelmed and buildups begin. For the DIY-inclined, chemical drain cleaners are often the first resort when a clog doesn’t look like it’s going to go away.But unfortunately, the most popular cleaners not only harm the environment, but they also harm pipes. Not to mention that for the worst clogs, they might not even work. Even when we are diligent about dish-cleaning, grease still sneaks down and builds up in drains. Hair and food also make their way into plumbing.

And when you compound those things with the fact the corrosion or even external blockages are possible in vulnerable plumbing, drain cleaning is something that even the best-kept homes will need to do every once in a while. West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration specializes in everything from extensive sewer repair and water line repair, to well pumps and drain cleaning. If there’s one plumber in Graham that knows how to get your plumbing flowing again, it’s West Coast.

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How Often Should Drains Be Cleaned?

As a plumber, it’s a question that gets asked a lot. And one that doesn’t always have a simple answer. Like maintaining a car, things simply work better – for longer – when regular maintenance is part of the plan. With proactive drain cleaning, homeowners do get their drains cleaned more often, but they also tend to avoid bigger problems in the long run. So what’s ideal? While 2-3 drain cleaning treatments per year would be best, professionally clearing out a home’s plumbing once per year will go a long way.

What’s Covered in Our Graham Drain Cleaning Services:

  • Drain Pipe & Septic Location
  • Video-recorded plumbing inspections
  • Repairs & Plumbing Replacements
  • Plumbing Upgrades
  • Electrical Planel & Pump Station Upgrades
  • VFD Pumps & Electrical Components
  • Power Jetting
  • Leak or Clog Location
  • Bermad Control Valves
  • Programming Baldor Smart Motors
  • Long-Term Operations and Maintenance
  • Sewer Lift Stations

The Common Casualties of Clogs

For the majority of homes in the Graham area, clogs typically spring up in one of two places – bathrooms and kitchens. That doesn’t mean they won’t happen in other plumbing systems – like main water lines or well pumps – but for most homes, the commonly used, local water fixtures are the ones regularly affected by clogs.

Types of Clogs We Can Service:

  • Showers & Baths - Shower plumbing becomes blocked with hair, soap, and dirt. Showers and baths may get us clean, but what flows off us collects in our plumbing.
  • Toilets - If there’s one place we don’t want to see the water rise, it’s the toilet. Unfortunately, toilet plumbing is regularly pushed to its limits by people who make the mistake of discarding too much bathroom tissue, or other non-flushable items for their pipes to handle.
  • Bathroom Sinks & Floor Drains - While some bathrooms may be outfitted with a floor drain that can become blocked over time, every bathroom comes with a sink. Like showers, bathroom sinks are susceptible to clogs formed by hair and soap, but they also deal with sticky toothpaste.
  • Kitchen Sinks - Even if everything passes through a garbage disposal, the kitchen sink is a hot spot for clogs. The main reason why? Grease.

Quality Graham Drain Cleaning On Demand

Whether it’s in your kitchen or your bathroom, clogged plumbing will need to be taken care of promptly. For drain cleaning in the Graham area, West Coast Plumbing Pumps & Filtration can get your pipes flowing free again. Be sure to see us for all your drain cleaning, water filtration, water-line issues, well pumps, and all your plumbing needs.

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