Water Line Repair Olympia

Water Line Repair in Olympia

Main Line Repair Olympia

Your water line is what feeds water into your home from the city grid. That makes a home or business owner responsible for their water line as soon as it crosses the boundaries of their private property.

A broken or damaged water line can leave you with poor water pressure, or worse, no water at all. Get water line repair in Olympia from the plumbers at West Coast Plumbing, Pumps & Filtration, LLC.

Do you have main water line problems?

What are the signs of a leaking water main or broken line? If you see any of the following, you should have your main line inspected by one of our plumbers.

  • You see a stream of water. There are several places this may occur. Most often you’ll see it on the roadway, coming out of the ground of your property, or coming through the walls of your foundation (if you have a sub-level.) This could also be coming from an adjacent property, so youc33ll want to find and stop the source of the leak regardless.
  • Sounds coming from the water main. Listen to where your water main comes into the house. If it sounds like itc33s running though you aren’t running water at the moment, it could be because water is exiting the line before it reaches your home.
  • Lack of water pressure. When your water pressure diminishes it’s because the water isn’t reaching your home. A break or leak in the line allows water to escape, so you’re only getting as much pressure as can make it past the damage in the pipe.

Pipes Don’t Last Forever! Call us for your waterline needs

Why are your water pipes damaged?

Damage is inevitable. Pipes aren’t meant to last forever. Certain things can speed up damage, like acidic soil does to clay pipes, but many homes are still running off main lines that were installed at the end of World War 2. That means they are well past their prime. Installation errors, poor fixtures, and even underground electrical currents can all speed up damage to a pipe.

Get the Water Main Repair or Replacement You Need

Our plumbers will assess your main line and help you determine whether repairs or a replacement is best based off three critical questions. What is the age of your pipes? What are your pipes made of (Copper, PVC, PLEX, Clay, Lead, Steel)? And have they been repaired before now?

Depending on our findings we’ll make recommendations. Replacements are typical for older pipes, those that are leaching contaminants into your water, or those that have already been repaired once before.

Do you need standard or trenchless repairs?

Olympia Main Water Line Repair
Depending on how much of your main water line needs repairing in Olympia or replacing, we can use one of two different methods for underground water line repair.

Standard mainline repairs: This is best for complete mainline replacements and repairs of larger sections of piping. We’ll dig a new trench to gain access to the pipe itself.

Trenchless main line repairs: This can be used in certain environments when a partial pipe replacement or repair is occurring. We’ll bore down to the area that needs work, and work on it through that bored hole instead of a trench.

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