Water Heater Repair Tacoma

Maintain Comfort and Avoid Costly Damage With Professional Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair Tacoma

When you need fast, affordable, professional water heater repair in Tacoma, you want West Coast Plumbing, Pumps & Filtration, LLC. We’re the plumber Tacoma residents rely on for their water heater repair and installation services because we offer so much more than just great service.

In addition to providing Tacoma with 24/7 emergency water heater repair, we’re also a family run company. We live and work in Tacoma, so providing you with the best water heater repair available means we’re helping our neighbors every single day.

Water Heater Problems

No matter how well you take care of your water heater, they all have limited lifespans. These are generally dictated by the tank warranty, and with proper maintenance and hot water heater repairs, the life of your system can be greatly extended. If you encounter any of these problems, don’t wait to contact us for prompt diagnosis and water heater repair locals rely on.


  • No Hot Water
  • Not Enough Hot Water
  • Slow Water Heater Re-heat
  • Water is too Hot

  • Rust or Black Colored Water
  • Bad Odor
  • Leaking Pressure Relief Valve
  • Leaking Water Tank

Our experienced water heater technicians will perform a full diagnosis of the problem before beginning repairs, and if it’s a problem we can fix, we’ll fix it. We can also perform standard maintenance procedures including tank flushing and sediment removal. Our highly skilled technicians can also provide water heater dip tube repair and water heater pressure relief valve repair. We perform work on all types of water heaters.

Comprehensive Water Heater Repairs

Gas Water Heater Repair

Gas water heaters are one of the most common types of hot water heater repair we perform. With a range of shapes and sizes, these can suffer from unique problems related to the pilot light. Our technicians will inspect your water heater in order to provide a full diagnosis.

In addition to standard hot water heater problems, we can provide pilot light repairs and fix any problems that may be occurring with the thermocouple. Bad gas valves can also cause burner problems. No matter what the issue, we’ll solve it.

Electric Water Heater Repair

Tacoma Hot Water Heater RepairElectric water heaters suffer from some problems not encountered with gas versions. Thermostats, as well as heating elements, can cause water heating problems. We can perform the appropriate testing to rule out or confirm these problems in addition to testing wiring.

With an experienced and skilled team of technicians, you won’t need to go without hot water for long. Our electric water heater repair Tacoma trusts for hot water delivery are thorough and fast.

We also perform hot water heater repair on your tankless hot water heater. Tankless hot water heater repair is specific to the type of heater as certain models are designed to run off of gas or electricity.

When you need exceptional water heater repair Tacoma business and homeowners agree contact West Coast Plumbing today.


Water Heater Tacoma

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