The Most Common Water Heater Repairs

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water heater repair tacoma

Repair Your Water Heater Issues ASAP

water heater repair tacoma

Why wait to repair your water heater if the problems will only get worse? The water quality of your home is at stake.

West Coast Plumbing, Pumps, & Filtration experts know best how to handle your water heater woes. We know that the water heater is one of the most expensive and important components of any household plumbing system.

Without a properly functioning water heater, your showers, laundry machines, dish washers and other household necessities you need to keep a home clean and sanitary.

Water heater issues are common, and range from a quick fix (i.e. no hot water) to severe, like foul smells or brown, discolored water. Whatever the case may be, your water heater is worth the effort to have a professional take a look and solve any water heater problems immediately.

Water Heaters: Gas VS Electric

Any issues you have with your gas or electric heater, we will perform a full diagnostic and home in on your water heater’s issues.

Before attempting any adjustment, read your owner’s manual.
  • Gas water heaters are the most common choice for homeowners. Some of the most common issues with gas water heater arise out of the pilot light. The first place to check for any issue with your gas water heater is whether or not the pilot light is on.

    If there’s more to it than re-lighting the pilot, we can repair pilot lights and more.

  • Electric water heaters don’t suffer from the same pilot light issues that affect its gas relative. However, other factors like a faulty thermostat can cause an electric water heater to go haywire.
Where do I find the pilot light on a gas water heater?
You can usually find the gas pilot light when you can find the gas regulator valve on your water heater. This is normally located outside the tank.

We recommend checking your owners manual for the precise location of your gas pipe, since there are many different models of water heater out there. Of course, if you feel uncertain or unqualified, feel free to contact one of our specialists.

Why does my pilot light keep going out?
This might have to do with a faulty thermocouple. Have our technicians at West Coast Plumbing take a look to see what we can do to fix this so you can rely on your water heater’s pilot as intended.
What’s causing the thermostat in my water heater to malfunction?
We perform all kinds of testing to rule out any possibility for why your thermostat is on the fritz. We test the wiring, heating elements, and if needed we’ll take a look inside the tank to see what’s going on.

We also test the voltage at the heating element, and if necessary, we can switch out an old and faulty thermostat for a new and working one.

Diagnosing Your Water Heater Woes

We deliver a prompt diagnosis for your water heater repair issues. Our highly trained water heater technicians run diagnostic tests on your water heater and components to find the problem areas that need mending.

Click the drop-down bar that applies to your water heater’s behavior, and we can help with the rest!

Why is the hot water gone?
If you’re not getting any hot water for your morning shower (but regularly pay your water bill), chances are something’s gone awry, and a faulty water heater could be the culprit. As a rule of thumb, first check the pilot light or thermostat. The owner’s manual will have instructions for re-lighting your pilot or adjusting the temperature on a thermostat.

Contact us if these are both functioning properly, as there may be other problems at play. There could be sediment building up, a leak in the gas line. Whatever the cause may be, we can find the root of the problem and take care of you.

How do I adjust the temperature of my water heater?
On any electric water heater, you can do this by adjusting the thermostat with a screwdriver to any temperature between 115 and 120 degrees. However, we recommend having one of our professionals showing you how to do this safely.

Contact us if your water heater still has trouble reaching your desired temperature.

Why is the color of my water rusty or black?
This could be a serious problem bigger than a faulty water heater. For any issue arising from discolored water, you need to have testing done to figure out what chemicals or minerals are causing this to come out of your faucet.

Contact us immediately for any issues pertaining to rusty or black-colored water. Our emergency plumbing service can solve your problems, because we care about the health of your family.

Why does my water have a rotten egg smell?
Natural hot springs are delightful, but if your faucet or shower water begins to smell sulfurous, this can be extremely hazardous to your health. A water heater can sometimes produce hydrogen sulfide–a combination of water and sulfur–to create a bad taste in your mouth and a foul smell in your bathroom and kitchen. The bad odor is from bacteria that feed on the sulfur content in your water heater.

Contact us for an inspection of your water heater. Sometimes this issue arises from garbage disposals as well, when food remains in a sink’s trap.

How do I keep a valve from leaking?
Sometimes the temperature and pressure valve springs a leak. When this happens, a simple replacement is in order. Although this is a quick and rudimentary fix, we recommend hiring a qualified professional for taking a closer look.

Contact us for a speedy replacement of your T&P pump.

We’re Right for the Job

water heater repair tacoma
Problems with water heaters can often go deeper than what appear on the surface to be common fixes or a weekend DIY project. With West Coast Plumbing, Pumps, & Filtration, we come prepared for any plumbing situation that arises from your pipes.

On top of trusty daytime availability, we also offer 24-hour services, seven days a week, at no additional charge.

And if you decide to go with West Coast Plumbing, Pumps, & Filtration, we will guarantee you the better of two options on your next job – $50 or 10% off your next project.

We pride ourselves with providing Tacoma residents and beyond with services spanning from simple honey-do fixes to heavy installations. Don’t let your plumbing issues get out of control. Contact us for any water heating problems you’re experiencing.



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